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Filling the application
  1. Enter your e-mail address to proceed.
  2. Fill in the application according to the instructions. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully and provide as much information as possible. Avoid typing errors.
  3. After completing the visa application, you will be provided with the number of your visa application and the filled form will be sent to your e-mail address as a pdf file.
  4. After completing the online application, the form must be printed out and signed before submitting it, together with other required documents to a Slovenian foreign representation for processing. Only a signed application is valid for applying for a visa! NB! In case information on the visa application is incorrect, you should fill in a new application form, print it and sign it again

Insert your e-mail address. After the confirmation of inserted data a filled in application will be sent to you on this address. If you have no personal e-mail address, you would need to request of somebody's assistance who has their own e-mail address.

Visa D or a national long-stay visa gives a permission to enter and stay in Slovenia for the duration of more than 90 days and less than one year. This visa may be issued to certain categories of third-country nationals, which are defined in Article 20 of the Aliens Act if there is:
  • the existence of an economic interest for the Republic of Slovenia which the alien proves by submitting an opinion issued by the Slovenian ministry responsible for the economy;
  • the existence of an interest for the Republic of Slovenia in the field of higher education, which the alien proves by submitting an opinion issued by the competent Slovenian ministry;
  • to an alien who is a sports trainer, professional athlete or private sports operator whose intention is to conclude a contract of employment or other work with a club or sports organisation with its head office in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • to an alien who works as a reporter for non-Slovenian media or is an international correspondent accredited in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • to an alien who intends to work as a clergyman in a registered religious community or to an alien who intends to perform charity or humanitarian activities for an established humanitarian organisation or registered religious community;
  • for the purpose of participating in a training course or other similar forms of education or training, where the alien is not required to hold a residence permit for study purposes.
Visa D may also be issued to an alien who already resides in the Republic of Slovenia and who was exempted from the visa requirement upon entry, but is obliged to extend his three-month legal period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia, as specified in the second paragraph of Article 14 of Aliens Act, for any of the following reasons:
  • urgent hospital treatment;
  • death or the serious health condition of a family member residing in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • natural disaster;
  • urgent prolongation of a business trip due to unforeseen circumstances in order to prevent the occurrence of major economic damage or devastating environmental consequences;
  • the obligation to participate in proceedings conducted by a state authority of the Republic of Slovenia.
Visa D can not be extended. The holder of a visa can apply for a residence permit directly at an administrative unit in Slovenia.